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Initially, I don’t really care about the brands, for me it’s just an exercise band. But recently I started using Sanctband, and I realized that there was a big difference in term of quality. Durability of Sanctband band surprises me. You would be shocked if you know how common exercise bands snap in others brands.

Sanjeev Dewi

I am a professional trainer. I used to train my client with another brand of exercise band, but some of my clients developed skin allergy and some had to stop using exercise bands for their workout due to serious allergy reactions. Since I started using Sanctband, none of the clients had complained of any skin discomfort or allergy. We really like the powder free feel.

Veronica Rhoda

The beauty about Sanctband Bands is the powder free feature that makes my daily workouts more comfortable. I have been trying to search for an exercise band that would not leave the powder residue on my clothes after exercising. Now I have found it!!!

Aaron Barnes