4 Exercise Essentials While Traveling

Exercising has become a routine in the lives of many people. Health-consciousness has increased by leaps and bounds that there is no need for convincing, cajoling and forcing when it comes to sweating it out.

The problem arises when you are traveling. On normal days, you are out of your bed at the crack of dawn or straight from work to exercise. During your travel, your body has to adjust to the changes in time zones, hectic schedules, relaxed mood, lack of equipment, lack of space and tiredness. All these factors make workouts when you are traveling look like a gargantuan task.

Worry not! Here are 4 exercise essentials that will make your workout easy and convenient while traveling.

1. Yoga Mat


A yoga mat is a necessity while traveling because it creates a personal and clean space instantly. You can have the convenience to work out in a park during your walks, in the airport, or in the guest bedroom. It is crucial to buy the foldable and lightweight yoga mat to ensure it fits your luggage and does not exceed the luggage allowance.

2. Resistive Bands


Resistive bands are elastic, portable and they take up very small space in the luggage. The bands are incorporated in workout regimens to tone and firm the body from head to toe. Their portability gives way to on-the-spot exercise wherever you are. Resistive bands come with different levels of pull force so that you can choose based on your needs and requirements. Try Sanctband’s resistive bands now!

3. Mini Loop Bands



Mini loop bands are similar to but smaller than resistive bands which focus on isolated muscle groups. Incorporating them in workout regimens will increase the intensity and variety. For instance, using mini loop bands in planks and squats will make the workout more intense and efficient. The ‘anywhere, anytime’ phrase works well for mini loop bands as you can even put them in your pockets and handbags.

To learn more about mini loop bands, click here.

4. Running Shoes / Sneakers


Having your sneakers with you while you are traveling gives you the chance to burn calories while exploring the city. You can run, jog, and walk in the new city. You can also use the gym facilities at the hotel you are staying if you are equipped with your sneakers. All in all, sneakers will definitely make way for many sweating sessions during your trip.

These four items are essentials when it comes to working out while travelling. It is important to be on track with your exercise regimen while you are away to prevent from falling out of the fitness bandwagon altogether. These four items are portable, take very small space and help to optimize your workouts while you travel.

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