Over the years, we at Sanctband has been well known to produce low protein and powder free latex resistive bands as well as tubing, commonly used for medical rehabilitation, geriatric and fitness specific needs.

Today, our products are widely used for Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, and also Fitness/Strength Training. We pride ourselves as one of the pioneers in the industry and are extremely happy to provide the best service we can to our clients.

That, and the knowledge that what we do are benefiting thousands if not millions of lives worldwide is what drives us to keep improving.

why us

First Ever Powder-Free Bands

Powder content on Sanctband products is significantly lesser than other brands available in the market. Powder-free bands are more comfortable to use and less messy to users. Say goodbye to stains on your dress and clothing.

Reduced Protein

Manufactured using Sanctech technology, the reduced protein feature in all of our product helps reduce the incidence of latex allergy.

No Re-Powdering Needed

Don’t worry about finding the right powder for our products because there is no need to! Our products needs no re-powdering and still serves as good as new even if you have used it for a period of time!

Extra Durable

Product safety? Sanctband has passed the endurance tests of 10,000 stretches under TUV GS Product Safety Mark Certification. This has proven Sanctband come with safety features with excellent elongation and stretchability.

Customer Centric

Every single one of our product is designed with you in our mind. We have something for everyone and we make sure that the product you purchase serves it benefit.


The production of Sanctband incorporates our in-house Green Initiative Programme where our key raw materials are sourced close to our production facility by using clean form of energy. Every single Sanctband Product are produced in line with our responsible water management standards.