Mini Loop Band


The Mini Loop band is the smallest and most portable piece of equipment. It has a smaller range of movement and can easily be used hand held or looped around the feet, ankles or knees. It can be used to target smaller, isolated muscles groups in a more clinical setting or add intensity and variety to existing exercises that are already challenging for metabolic conditioning.

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Some basic exercises can be performed seated on a chair or a stability ball. Here we see a seated bicep curl to strengthen the flexors of the arm………followed by external rotation, which strengthens the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder.

Mini Loop Band

The basic plank can be challenged in a variety of interesting ways using the Mini Loop. The walking plank with the Mini Loop around the wrists strengthens the shoulders.

A plank with a single arm row challenges the core muscles contra laterally, while working the biceps and lats at the same time. This plank with resisted knee drives, strengthens the hip flexors and adds difficulty and intensity.

The versatility of Sanctband’s Mini Loop allows for unlimited programming options. Modifications can be used to make exercises easier and progressions can be added to increase the level of difficulty depending on the individual.

As an example, let’s take a look at basic seated leg abduction. Both the seated position and the placement of the band around the knees, makes this exercise an easier option. To progress the exercise, it can be done standing as a moving side squat, still working the hip abductors but with the added challenge of the the squat………a further progression, a squat followed by a single leg abduction, increases the level of difficulty as the element of balance is added.

Placing the Mini Loop around the ankles increases the intensity of the same leg abduction movement. Here the squat is performed explosively with the legs abducting at the same time.

The same movement can be performed in a plank position to work the shoulders and abdominals at the same time.

Adding a push up, increases exercise difficulty and complexity. Now the chest and triceps muscles and working too.

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And to further the progression, if strung together and performed as one exercise can, easily be included as part of a high intensity interval training program for maximum calorie burn.

Here we see the same leg abduction performed in the controlled setting of the Pilates rollover. Such is the versatility of Sanctband’s Mini Loop.

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by Fay Eu (Group Fitness Instructor & Structural Integration Practitioner)

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