Home exercise equipments are a godsend – they are handy when you need a quick (or a long workout) without having to brace any traffic to go to your gym or exercises classes. In SHAPE Favourites 2017, we had reviewed some of these tools and you have also voted for your favourites. Here they are!

1. Best Yoga Mat

Readers’ and Judges’ Choice: Sanctband Active Exercise Mat (RM222.60 – RM254.40)
Available in two colours – grey and teal, the Sanctband Active Exercise mat is made with high-end hybrid materials to give a non-slip effect and durability. It has an excellent compression level, and great resistance against chemicals, oil and extreme temperature. And it won’t irritate your skin. It’s also eco-friendly and super cozy!


2. Best Resistance Bands

Readers’ Choice: Reebok Heavy Resistance Tube (RM99)

Work those muscles with this versatile heavy resistance tube from Reebok. The handles feature a comfort grip with three soft and interchangeable resistance levels (sold separately), ideal for both upper and lower body exercises. You can find them in light and medium variants.


Judges’ Choice: Sanctband Active Resistive Band (RM31.80 – RM38.20)


We love how you can use the resistive band for various movements, targeting different areas of the shoulders and arms to tone, and strengthen and to improve balance. They are available in four colours and weight – pink (light), amber (medium), purple (heavy), teal (extra heavy).

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