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马拉松,对一些人来说 一辈子也许不会参与。整个过程 除了要体力,还要靠意志力,耐力,毅力。除了在平常的温度马拉松之外,有很多马拉松会在不一样艰难的情况下完成。可以是炎热的撒哈拉沙漠 或是非常冷的状态下 长跑。试问下,一天你会走几公里的路?长跑健将们一天至少跑 几十公里,而且还是在各种艰难的情况下完成的!超跑马拉松健将们实在太给力了!
撒哈拉沙漠,给大家的印象是 炎热,没有美食,没有水,东西非常少。对于大部分人来说,在撒哈拉沙漠生活7天是个非常艰难的事情。在沙漠里,生存是个学问。除了要照顾自己简单的起居,饮食,还必须知道如何防暑,防沙,避开动物等。在沙漠生活7天之外,更艰难的是 在撒哈拉沙漠  挑战251Km 的马拉松。只是用听的就觉得非常艰难了。
在这篇文章里,本编将会介绍一个 有着 “永不放弃”精神的 26 岁青年 – 【JEFF LAU】
Jeff Lau 刘俊腾 是马来西亚 公民,今年26岁,来自吉隆坡。 一名热爱运动,把运动视为生命的青年。除此之外,Jeff 是从事艺术工作的哦。可说是多才多艺呢!在2017 年,Jeff Lau 还担当 Sanctband Active Brand Ambassador ,可说是非常适合 也能亲自示范 Sanctband Active product 的效果呢~

“人生就是如此 永不放弃,给自己多一个机会。” 据了解,Jeff 曾经因为运动而受伤过,严重得暂时不能行动自如,需要别人的照顾。经过那次受伤后,Jeff 觉得更要给自己机会去帮助需要帮助的人。

他非常热心,除了爱运动,还非常热爱帮助需要的人。 Jeff 参与了在世界最炎热的撒哈拉沙漠 (8th – 18th April 2016) ,地球最艰巨马拉松,举办的257 […]

Meet Jeff Lau, the official Brand Ambassador of Sanctband Active Malaysia 2017

It is still the beginning of the year where most people are anticipating to start the year good or great. In 2017, Sanctband Active Malaysia wishes to start the year great with the appointment of Jeff Lau as the official Sanctband Active Brand Ambassador.
“Known as the youngest Malaysian to complete the toughest footrace on earth, […]

Diehard runner Lau to compete in tough Arctic Circle race

IPOH: He walked across the Sahara desert during the Marathon Des Sables ultramarathon, not once but twice.
Now Jeff Lau (pic), 26, has set his sights on becoming the first Malaysian to compete in the gruelling 6633 Arctic Ultra Race in the Arctic Circle.
The freelance graphics designer said he was training daily to be even fitter […]

4 Exercise Essentials While Traveling

Exercising has become a routine in the lives of many people. Health-consciousness has increased by leaps and bounds that there is no need for convincing, cajoling and forcing when it comes to sweating it out.
The problem arises when you are traveling. On normal days, you are out of your bed at the crack of dawn […]

Jeff Lau: Road To Ironman 2016

Lau Jun Tean – also known as Jeff Lau, is one of the athletes taking part of IRONMAN 2016 Triathlon which consists of 3.8km Swimming, 180km Cycling and 42km Running! Did anyone just say WOW?
With his strict regime, he hits the gym and trains at least 3 hours per day, everyday of the week!
“Sanctband product […]

Jeff Lau : My Experience Crossing The Moroccan Sahara Dessert

My first experience running the Marathon des Sables – a six-day ultra-marathon spanning 257 km across the Moroccan Sahara Desert – in 2014 taught me one valuable lesson: Your training is only as good as your recovery.
Going into my preparation for the second Marathon des Sables challenge early this year, I knew I needed to […]

Tough, Sturdy, Hefty…

Tough, sturdy, hefty…….these are all words that aptly describe Super Loop bands. The biggest and strongest in Sanctband Active Series and big brother to the Mini Loops, these giant rubber bands are certified “heavyweights” in the resistance department. Available in 7 different resistance levels, Super Loops range from light to ludicrous! The heavy duty latex, […]

Another Awesome Year @ Rimini Wellness, Italy

We would like to humbly thank everyone for your overwhelming support at Rimini Wellness!
As a company that strives on providing benefits to our consumers, we are extremely happy
to receive positive feedback from our customers and positive interest from potential customers as well!

Red Ribbon Youth Icon returns to Sahara to raise AIDS awareness

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 January 2016 – Jeff Lau has absolutely no hesitation taking up the Marathon des Sables challenge for the second time. The Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) today announced that the 26-year-old Kuala Lumpur-born would be repeating the extraordinary feat he achieved in 2014, of being the youngest Malaysian to complete what Discovery Channel […]