Introducing Sanctband Active Brand Ambassador – Julian Yee

We had the opportunity to chat with our newly appointed brand ambassador, Julian Yee, who is also Malaysia’s first Ice Figure Skater to the Winter Olympics, and 2017 SEA Games Gold Medalist.

Growing up in Malaysia, who would have thought about figure skating, and be committed in this sport? Julian Yee has proven to us that with dedication and a strong positive mindset, everything is possible! Read on if you wish to understand Julian better.

Q (Question)     : What do you like about figure skating?

J (Julian)             : I like figure skating because I am able to express myself when I skate. Through skating, I can share stories with everyone else. At the same time, I enjoy the adrenaline of being on the ice.


Q                          : How did you learn about figure skating?

J                           : All thanks to my mother! At about 4 years old, my mother brought my brothers and I to the ice ring. Since then, I started ice skating as a hobby. My passion towards ice skating changed from hobby to a sport. Since then, the frequency of training increased from once to twice a week, and more later on.


Q                          : What is your training routine like?

J                           : I train about an average of 27 hours a week, which inclusive of on-ice and off-ice. On a daily basis, I train about 3 hours on ice, then I will have another 1 hour of off-ice training, which can be dancing, ballet, strength training and cardio.


Q                          : Who is your inspiration?

J                           : I source my inspiration from many sources. I get motivated when I watched my competitors perform because they are good, and I hope I can be like or better than them one day. On top of that, I constantly watch recorded performances of older top skaters, which gave me the spark to do my best.


Q                          : What do you like doing during your free time?

J                           : I love to cook and experimenting different dishes!


Q                          : What sports do you enjoy aside from figure skating?

J                           : I really love winter sports, like skiing. Since we can’t ski in Malaysia, I go for futsal.


Q                          : Do you speak other languages?

J                           : I speak English, Malay, Mandarin and some Cantonese. Oh! I learnt Japanese language for three years, but I gave it back because I did not practice.


Q                          : How do you feel and what were you thinking when you got selected to the Winter Olympics?

J                           : To be very honest, there is nothing much going through in my mind when I received that piece of news. My mind just went blank for quite some time, then only my emotions came out. I felt a sense of relieve, grateful and happy because all my hardwork and sacrifices finally paid off.


Q                          : What is your favourite food?

J                           : Without a doubt, Malaysian food is my favorite kind of food. It doesn’t really matter what kind of Malaysian food; I really enjoy – without Malaysian Food I don’t know how I would survive.


Q                          : What is your favourite movie?

J                           : I love watching movies, but it depends on my mood. I grew up watching Jackie Chan’s movies, and I think his movies are very special and cool! He is like my childhood idol.


Q                          : Congratulations for being appointed as Sanctband Active Brand Ambassador! How do you feel right now?

J                           : It’s an honour and happy to be selected and appointed as Sanctband Active Brand Ambassador. I am looking forward to the many things that we can do together.


Q                          : Are you familiar with our resistive training products?

J                           : I am familiar with some of the products, so I am looking forward to learn about other products that I believe will be helpful for my trainings


Q                          : Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

J                           : I think I will still be in the sports scene, thinking of focusing more in this country because we have a lot of talents. With some guidance, I think the next generation will be able to do a lot better in the sports scene.

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