Jeff Lau : My Experience Crossing The Moroccan Sahara Dessert

My first experience running the Marathon des Sables – a six-day ultra-marathon spanning 257 km across the Moroccan Sahara Desert – in 2014 taught me one valuable lesson: Your training is only as good as your recovery.

Going into my preparation for the second Marathon des Sables challenge early this year, I knew I needed to strike the balance between pushing myself to the limit and allowing the time for my body to heal. I am glad I found a resistive training partner in Sanctband Active.

I trained for the marathon twice a week by running a distance of 30 km each time. My feet and thighs would become sore from the run, so at the end of each training session, I would normally go for a foot massage. When I explained this to Darren, he recommended that I use the Flossband before and after my runs. The Flossband helped increase my joint mobility and improve my training recovery so much so that I no longer needed to rely on the foot massages. I knew I had to take one with me all the way to the Sahara Desert for the actual race!

Every day during the race, I ran the distance of almost a full marathon. Naturally, my legs and feet would “suffer” the most. To recover, I would usually lie on my back and elevate both my legs by placing them on my backpack so that blood could flow back to my upper body. Without the Flossband, this process would normally take 20 – 30 minutes. But with the Flossband, it only took all of five minutes – for both legs!!

By wrapping the affected area with Flossband, as Darren would explain, the high fixation pressure inhibits the pain receptors and loosens up the adhesions and weak links. When the floss band is released, the fluid or blood stasis is terminated and fresh blood hydrates the tissue. This leads to the relief of different types of pain.

Seeing how the Flossband helped cut down my recovery time, the other runners who stayed in the same tent asked me if they could try it as well. Of course, I said, and showed them how to use it. They absolutely loved it and wished they had one.

I also used the Flossband on my shoulders for relief of pain from carrying my 12 kg backpack everyday throughout the race. For this, I would ask a tent mate to wrap the Flossband around my arms and shoulders. The pain would go away almost immediately but come back in the morning. I would repeat the process before starting the race every morning.

I am most grateful to Sanctband Active for not only enhancing my performance in my second Marathon des Sables mission but also supporting the Malaysian AIDS Foundation, a cause that is close to my heart.

Next, I will be testing my limit in the IRONMAN challenge and will continue to use the Flossband in my training.

By Jeff Lau

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